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In almost more then 25 years SEA has become a leader in the doors and gates automations field as a new reality provided of a vanguard system of production realized in an establishment which develops on over 11.000 sq. meters area. The winning strategy which has allowed to satisfy and create a link with customers of over 50 countries is the high flexibility warranted by a unique production system realized inside the establishment.

The raw material bought by SEA company is manufactured following all the productive process phases and become a finished product after having passed a whole series of progressive controls.

The final result which can be assures only by "self-made" production is the so-called TOTAL QUALITY.

Through this strategy SEA has succeded in obtaining a wide range of reliable products, it has been successful in conquering important positions in all the main world markets and in obtaining the CE product certifications and the ISO 9001, company certifications.
The products meets UL 325 Safety Standards for USA - CANADA market.

Nowadays, SEA is an important group which is continually growing up with assistance centers which can be found in all the selling markets with a CORE BUSINESS concentrated on Hydrauilc products and it is in charge of the whole productive cycle as its own differentiation element toward competitors.

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History: Our most important years

Opening of the first production plant of 3,000 square meters
Birth of the SEA hydraulic automation.
The company produces hydraulic cylinders with mechanical internal components lubricated with oil.

Constitution of the branch in France. SEA France (Lyon)

Achievement of the company quality certification ISO 9001.

Compliant to UL 325 for exporting products to the United States of America and Canada market.

SEA Doubles.
After 11 years of hydraulic production and a positioning in the high-end market in terms of quality and with an offer directed almost exclusively to condominium and industrial use, SEA integrates its activities with the launch of the new electro-mechanical line.
With this strategic decision, the product range has been enhanced with many new models that allow to reposition the company towards the midrange of the market and for residential use.

In 2003 SEA takes an important leap overseas and opens a subsidiary in the USA to cope with the continued growth of the American market.

Production of Hydraulic Bollards for managing parking lots and public areas begins.

Green Economy
SEA invests in the sun and begins the production of solar energy through photovoltaic panels installed on the roof of the establishments. Over 2000 panels cover the energy needs of the company.

After 20 years of activity in the automation sector, where significant successes were achieved both in Italy and abroad, SEA dresses a new business identity after changing from Limited Company (SEA S.r.l) to Joint Stock Company (SEA S.p.A).
This choice favours the possibility to invest further economic resources for developing new projects by continuing to focus on industrial design, product innovation and costs rationalization to be even more competitive;

The product range is enhanced by the new FAST and SUPER lines. These products have been designed to meet the needs of a niche clientele and are ideal for high security sites such as embassies and prisons where super fast opening and very high performances are required.

25 Years of Experience, Innovation and Growth.
Today SEA is one of the very few companies able to offer both types of products and above all with a quality level at the top of the industry, thanks to a completely internal production, synonymous of real Made in Italy. From design to quality control.

New Advanced CNC Machineries fully compliant with 4.0 Industry Regulation. All data web connected, remotely maintained, on-time production and shift information...coming soon new investments in New machineries!

A new SEA company page opens thanks to the introduction of the line of operators with Brushless technology... also in the HYDRAULIC version (36Vcd) !!!

Happy Anniversary to SEA S.p.A.
It has been 30 years of Experience, Innovation and Growth and a lot of satisfaction.
We started out as a small local company supplying only a limited range of gate automation.
We have come a long way, and the idea that our products are used and appreciated by customers on the other side of the world makes us very proud.
A special thank you goes to SEA customers. Thank you for choosing us!
We would also like to celebrate this success with our foreign offices in the USA and France and with our business partners all over the world.
We look to the future with enthusiasm, certain that this anniversary can become a new starting point. Thanks !!!

Thanks to the new investments and the Research and Development activity, now SEA S.p.A. has an internal laboratory recognized by CSA Group Testing as an authorized laboratory for technical tests and certifications of products and compliance with UL 325 requirements (for USA and Canada Market).

100% Made in Italy Certification.
The Certification has been granted, after thorough checks and verification carried out both in our production departments and in the network of our Italian suppliers.
This award is a guarantee to all our customers for the reliability and superior quality of our products, entirely made in Italy (design and Italian raw materials, Italian suppliers and Italian production processes).
It also confirms the value of our product and allows all our partners to have a competitive advantage in the market crowded with products with an uncertain origin.

System Certifications for Quality

Since January 1996 SEA has obtained the certification UNI EN ISO 9001, implementing a quality management system that has allowed a careful control of its productive processes and its continuous development. The big dinamicity, the high technology, the elevate reliability and quality are the characteristics that allowed SEA to obtain also the product certification CSA (UL 325 conformity to the exportation to USA and CANADA), further to the compulsory product certification CE.

  • UNI EN ISO 9001
  • CE
  • CSA UL 325

ISO 9001 SGS Certificate    CSA Certification

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